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Search Engine Optimization is what we pride ourselves on at Orbital Marketing. Our team members have spent a significant amount of time working on various SEO campaigns throughout our careers and we are excited to share our skills with you and help grow your business. Below you’ll find the SEO packages that we offer, and further down you’ll find detailed descriptions of our specific services, which we can use to build a custom campaign to meet your business’s needs.

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SEO Packages

SEO Business Light Package

This package is great for businesses looking to get things rolling with their SEO. It offers the core components of what every SEO campaign needs and can help you start ranking for the keywords your customers are searching.
$ 1,500 Monthly
  • Quarterly technical/health audits
  • Keyword Research
  • 1 Piece of Content Published every month (with your own writer, additional cost for using our writers)
  • 1 GMB post made every month
  • 1 new link built every month
  • Progress report on keyword rankings
  • Customized Analytics Reporting for your KPI's

SEO Business Package

In this package, clients will be able to take advantage of all of the offering in our light seo package in higher quantities, as well as additional deliverables such as citation management and competitor analysis. This package will put you at a greater competitive advantage in organic search and increase your rankings in local search.
$ 3,000 Monthly
  • Quarterly technical/health audits
  • Keyword Research
  • 2-3 Pieces of Content Created and Published Every Month (with your own writer, additional cost for using our writers)
  • 2-3 GMB Posts Made Every Month
  • 2-3 New Links Built
  • Progress Report on Keyword Rankings
  • Customized Analytics Reporting for your KPI's
  • Quarterly Competitive Analysis
  • Citation Management

SEO Business Pro Package

This package is meant for businesses who are ready to really cement their place online. It offers all of the deliverables in the business light and pro packages in higher quantity, as well as additional deliverables for social media, PPC, and competitive analysis.
$ 5000 Monthly
  • Thorough Website Quality Audit
  • Monthly Technical/Health Audits
  • Expansive Keyword Research
  • 4-5 Pieces of Content Created and Published every month (with your own writer, additional cost for using our writers)
  • 3 GMB posts made every month
  • 3-4 New Links Built
  • Progress report on keyword rankings
  • Customized Analytics Reporting for your KPI's
  • Thorough Quarterly Competitive Analysis
  • Citation Mangement
  • PPC Campaign Management
  • Social Media Campaign Managment

Audit Package

This package is for businesses that are looking to get an idea of the quality of their existing websites. In this package, you'll get standard audits for content, backlinks, and technical audits that will give you insights on how to better improve your site's performance. After these audits have been completed we will hand over the reports, along with recommendations that will help your SEO. *Please note* that the size of your website will dictate the pricing of your audit package, the bigger your site, the more hours will be required to complete your audit.
$ 400-1,000
  • Content Audit
  • Technical Audit
  • Backlinks Audit
  • Recommendations for Improvement

Get a Custom SEO Package

Don’t see a package that meets your needs? No problem. We can set you up with a custom campaign that not only meets your budget but also contains the deliverables that matter the most to you. Whether you’re a small business looking to just spend a little on your digital marketing, or an enterprise corporation ready to outshine your competitors, we can create the right plan for you. Get in touch, and we’ll set up a meeting to start discussing your custom SEO package.

Please note that customized campaigns will be required to have at least a $1000 a month retainer, and a 3 month commitment in your contract.

Content Development

We can create content for your site that is optimized for SEO, that will get links, and engages your audience. We do thorough keyword research to determine which keywords are important for you to rank for, but also which related keywords might help you cast a wider net in organic search.

After we’ve done our keyword research the next part of our process is to develop content guidelines that help inform our writers (or yours) on how to best optimize this content for publishing on your site. Aside from keywords these guides help provide structure for on-page SEO. 

Link Building

A common phrase in the SEO industry is “Content Is King”, while this may hold some merit acquiring links to your site is equally as important. Getting links to your site shows search engines that your site is trustworthy, and this is a major ranking factor for getting ahead of competitors in search. 

At Orbital we strive to make sure that we get you high quality links that will boost your domain rating and get bring you to the top of Google searches.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO can be a headache if you’re not familiar with not only how to find the issues, but also how to resolve them. There are dozens of things that can go wrong on the backend of your site, and just many solutions if not more for each of them. Our team is experienced with finding these issues and not only solving them but also applying the best solution for them, not just the easiest ones. 

Local SEO

Whether you’re a small cafe, or a large law firm operating in several cities. Local SEO can be a game changer for your business. Common search terms for these kinds of service based businesses often include a location modifier in the user’s query. For example “criminal defense lawyer Los Angeles”. With these kinds of search terms it’s essential to make sure you’re doing everything possible to stand out at the local level with your competitors.

Investing in your local SEO can not only can put you at the top of Google search results but can also help put you at the top of searches in Google maps. Putting you ahead of your competitors, even if they might have a location closer to a user than you. 

PPC Campaigns

Price Per Click, these ad campaigns can be game changers for a business when applied correctly. If you operate in a highly competitive industry where the organic search results are just dominated by your competitors, PPC campaigns can be a great way for you to get your website in front of your audience and bring some of that traffic to your site. The most common platforms for search engine PPC campaigns are Google AdWords and Bing Ads, our team has worked with both and across a large variety of industries. We’ve worked with budgets anywhere in the three to five-figure range, and can help you put your ad spend budget to the best use.