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Captivating images for your business can really help you stand out among your competitors and really help you establish your brand. Our graphic design team is made up of a talented group of creatives who are excited to get to know your brand and help bring the ideal vision of your business to your life and your customers. Whether you need a logo, banner images, infographics, t-shirt designs, or just about anything else artsy, we’ve got you covered.

All of our graphic design packages and single service options come with 3 initial samples, 3 revisions, and 3-4 different color schemes utilizing your different brand colors. Additional revisions are available for $50 per revision.

Graphic Design Service Packages

Logo Design Package

Creating the perfect logo for your business is tough. Not only because of the creative aspect of coming up with one, but also because it becomes one of the main identifiers of your business and so getting it right is incredibly important. At Orbital Marketing, our graphic designers have come up with a process to get ideal logo for your business. We'll ask a series of questions about not only what you would like to see in your logo, but also about your business itself and the brand you want to build around it. We'll create several initial logos for your to review, and then based on your favorites we'll start designing more flushed out versions for you to choose from. After you've made your final selection, we'll create several versions with your branded colors, all in several different sizes that be used across all of your media.
$ 500
  • Get the Perfect Logo
  • Several Color Schemes and Sizes
  • Give Us Your Input
  • Build Your Brand

Branding Package

Our Branding Package is perfect for businesses looking to get designs for essential products showcasing your business's brand. In this package you'll not only get a logo created by our team, but also once we've created your ideal logo we will move forward with implementing it in designs for core products your business will use. This includes business cards, signage, letterheads, and digital media designs that can be used on your social media platforms and website.
$ 1500
  • Give Us Your Input
  • Get the Perfect Logo
  • Get Several Color Schemes of Your Designs
  • Designs Optimized for Various Sizes
  • Business Card Design
  • Signage Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Social Media Branding Design

Digital Design Package

This package provides our clients with visual content for their digital assets such as your website, social media, infographics, and email newsletters. In this package you'll get branded custom images that can be used throughout your website. Showcasing these on your homepage, service pages, and even blog posts can help make your website standout and will help cement your brand. We will also provide clients with optimized, or specific versions of these to be used on social media platforms. Further, utilizing infographics with data help to make your content more engaging and can also help with your SEO.
$ 1200
  • 15 custom images
  • Images optimized for social
  • 5 Infographics
  • Email Newsletter Design

Product Design Package

This package is great for businesses who want to have branded products that they sell or giveaway, such as T Shirts, pens, notebooks, lanyards, mugs, and other nominal items. Our team will use your logo/business name as a focal point of each design we create, so that whatever items we throw it on, it will clearly be identifiable with your brand and business.
$ 300 per design
  • T Shirts
  • Pens
  • Notebooks
  • Lanyards
  • Mugs

Singular Graphic Design Services

Pricing for these services will depend on the scope of the project you need and how many hours our graphic design team will need in order to complete it.




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Some Previous Works by Our Graphic Designers

Here you’ll find examples of previous creative work that our design team is responsible for. We hope enjoy touring their works

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graphic design podcast design

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